About Bullet Art

Form follows function.

– Louis Sullivan
American Architect

A lot of ink has been spilled about the idea of form versus function. For those of us who are shooting and gun enthusiasts, it is fortunate that we do not have to choose.

The cartridge, or bullet as many people incorrectly call it, is a completely functional and completely beautiful work of art.

Of course, most people know that when you fire a gun, it works and a bullet comes out the other end at very high speed. What many people do not appreciate though is the craftsmanship that goes into each and every ammunition cartridge.

Consider that each cartridge houses a chamber of highly explosive gunpowder behind a bullet, all wrapped up in a metal casing that keeps everything together until it is time to release them.

Also consider that each cartridge is designed to explode at the right point of contact with the right amount of pressure.

Recall that this pinpoint precision must be achieved on every cartridge manufactured in order to be safe for the user.

And then remember that they all look dead sexy.

That is what we are here to celebrate and learn about.

I hope you enjoy it.