How to Choose a Gun for Protection, Hunting, or Target Shooting

When choosing a gun for protection you should consider that the opportunity may arise where you have to decide to either injure or kill someone threatening your life or that of a loved one. It is indeed an important factor that needs to be addressed prior to obtaining a gun. Secondly, you need to be comfortable with using it as well as being able to use it. We’ll go over what gun and ammo you should use in each situation, such as 17 HMR ammunition for hunting.

Choosing the Type of Gun

The type of gun, for example revolver vs. semi-automatic, is important. Each has its drawbacks and benefits namely: a semi-automatic hand gun has more rounds and easy to reload, but jams easily. A revolver on the other hand carries less rounds and is more difficult to reload. However, after a misfire you simply pull the trigger and it fires again. The caliber is the other important aspect and generally the minimum accepted semi-automatic is a .380 and for revolvers .38 special.

A weapon you should not opt for in regards to home protection is a rifle. It has serious over-penetration capabilities. Bullets can pass through walls or targets and potentially hit something or someone unintentionally.

Guns for Hunters

Guns for hunters fall into their own categories, namely shotguns and rifles as well as certain handguns depending on the type of hunting. Small game such as squirrels, rabbits and birds are best hunted with a .17 HMR with 17 HMR ammunition, .22 long rifles and ammo or a shotgun. Large game and deer are best hunted with shotguns or rifles using slugs, although some areas may permit shotgun use only.


Versatility is the best option. We recommend using a 12 gauge pump shotgun, such as Mossberg 500 or the Remington 870 for most hunting. Medium to Large bore rifles such as the Winchester Model 70 and Remington 700 are two good brands. The CZ and Savage brands are also good hunting gun options. It is easier to choose common calibers such as .308 or 30-06 caliber for almost any hunting.

Target Shooting

If target shooting is the main consideration for your gun purchase we recommend a Remington 870. This is especially true if shotgun sports such as sporting clays and skeet shooting is what you want to do. Rifle target shooting for those with little experience should look at trying the .22 rifle. It is a great practice gun, ideal pest control and availability for aftermarket parts, accessories and ammo is tremendous.

Although preferences vary one of the guns which always tops most recommendations remains a shotgun for its versatility. There is a huge selection for anything ranging from clay target shooting, to small game, to large game and defense purposes.