Guns, Safety, and Options

The thrill of thunder, the speed of the shot, the fun of shooting a gun is enjoyed by many. Today the market is flooded with gun buying options that will leave something for everyone. Whether you hunt, use one for protection, or just shoot for the sport, a firearm specific to your needs is a must. We’ll go over everything you need to know about guns and ammo, likeĀ 44 Magnum ammo.


Rifles are most often used for hunting. The long barrel lends much more accuracy to your aim than a short pistol would. Rifles give you the ability to gaze all the way down the barrel to get a clear view and a clear shot. There are many types of rifles, the 22 is typically the starter gun. Rifles will usually come in colors and patterns that blend in with surroundings. Such as, camouflage, forest green, brown, and wood patterned. This allows the hunter to disguise himself among the woods and not be easily seen by the prey. Rifles can also be a good choice for someone looking to keep critters or animals of prey from out of their farm.


Pistols or hand guns are small firearm devices that come in many different styles and calibers. These guns are typically used by officers, for their light weight small configuration and their ability to travel everywhere with them. Pistols may also make a good gun for someone desiring protection. They can be stashed somewhere out of sight and grabbed and maneuvered with ease. Guns such as the 44 magnum may come in a pistol or riffle version. Be sure to get the right 44 Magnum ammo.


Safety when using firearms is of the utmost importance. If you are new to shooting it is always best to consult and train with a professional or someone who knows what they are doing first. Learning things like proper aiming, correct handling of ammunition, storage, will keep you and others safe during shooting.

Something else to consider when hunting is the seasons. You must be licensed and registered with full permission to hunt. There are also times and specific animals to hunt during seasons. Not following these rules will be breaking the law and could result in jail time and or fines.

Animals of prey also have guidelines to follow. Check in with your local Game and Wildlife Department to make sure you are not shooting at an endangered species.

Guns are a fantastic invention when used correctly. They are a tool that has given many beneficial uses in its time. Discuss your specific needs with someone in your local gun shop to fin something that is right for you, and always remember, safety first.