Features of 45 ACP Ammo

The use of guns and rifles has been rising overtime. Most of the applications centre on sports-related activities, target practice, range training, pest control and more. The increased usage has also lead to more ammunition in the market. One type that has been catching the eye of the public is the 45 ACP ammo. The cartridge has been around for quite a while and is still a crowd favorite. The following are some common traits of the ammo:


The subsonic ammo comes in various shapes, colors and sizes. Sizes found in the market include 185 grains (12 grams), 200 grains (13 grams), 230 grains( 15 grams). The Velocity and speed of the cartridge usually ranges from 250 m/s(830ft/sec) to 373m/s (1,225 ft/s). The energy or power from the slowest cartridge is about 352 foot-pounds while the fastest one produces 616 foot-pounds. A lighter cartridge will have more force behind it hence will be much faster. It will also reach longer distances compared to a heavier one.

Noise Level

Compared to some other calibers, the 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) produces higher noise level after firing. This may be attributed to several factors. The cartridge is much larger than it counterparts hence will house more burning/gun powder. It is usually used with powerful guns and rifles.


The cartridge is well-known for offering good all-rounded performance. It comes with good penetration as well as high accuracy. This makes it suitable for target practice, range training, hunting small to medium-size game and more. It is also a favorite choice with the law enforcers. The good stopping power that comes with the ammo makes it effective for hunting average-size game. The flash and blast that come from its muzzle is relatively low consequently making the ammo comfortable to a user.

45 ACP Ammo Application

Although the ammo was intend many years back, it is quite popular in the modern world. It is used in a wide range of applications due to its accuracy, stopping power, controlled penetration and more. The .45 ammo also comes in moderate recoil for added convenience. Top users include sports shooters, the military, police, and among others.

A lot of factors come into play when choosing the ammunition. These include; the intended use, the type of gun or rifle, the user’s preference, reputation of the brand, quality of built, cost and much more. A good product will score well in the above features. This guarantees a user of having a good time out in the field. The 45 ACP ammo is a variant that is worth considering.